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"Stash Mob's Stick 'n Stash pockets and cards  made the move of my HR Department stress free. The office kit cards were an easy way to organize everything we needed to move. We found that the pre-labeled cards were easy for us to spot when we went to unpack and allowed us to immediately locate the things that we needed to get the new office space up and running. Boxes that we didn't think we would need right away were put aside, but kept contents easily accessible because of the labels."

- Dave, New Jersey

"My basement has been redesigned with Stick 'n Stash.  My holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter) decorations were in numerous storage containers and I hated listing and then crossing out contents on them, every time I purchased new decorations and got rid of old ones. Now I pull a card out of a pocket and can find specific decorations when I need them. And when my contents change I just list the new contents on a new card! As a mom with two boys, Stick 'n Stash labels have become the key to easily packing and unpacking clothes. Now I know exactly where clothes are when my younger son is ready to wear his older brother's outgrown clothes."

- Suzanne, New York

"As an outdoors man, I keep my hunting and fishing equipment in lots of plastic tubs, so that I can move them from location to location. I never knew exactly what was in each tub because they all looked alike. I decided to try Stick 'n Stash  to see if it would save me time from digging through tubs, to make sure I was bringing the right equiptment. It took some time to label the Stick 'n Stash cards, but now when I'm ready to go away, I just have to pull out my Stick 'n Stash card to make sure I'm packing the right container. The Stick 'n Stash pockets were even fine being on the tubs in the back of my pickup truck."

- Klaus, New Jersey

"I'm so glad I found Stash Mob.  I tried Stick 'n Stash for Home to organize my attic and was so happy with the results, that I wanted to share.  I've now given Stick 'n Stashfor Moving to friends and family (lots of people around me have been moving lately).  When I emailed you and told you these orders were birthday presents you even offered to send birthday cards with the Stick 'n Stash kits.  All in one birthday shopping - can't be beat!  Wonderful Customer Service!  Thank you Stash Mob " 

- Lori, New York

Moving is a very difficult task, especially when you have two young children and a ridiculous amount of items to pack!  We felt extremely overwhelmed and were unsure that we would not only be able to get everything packed...but also have it organized and labeled properly.  Stick 'n Stash was exactly what we needed in order to keep us organized and make our life a lot easier during the unpacking stage as well.  We were able to pack each room and have a label that helped the movers know where each box was going and help us know exactly what was in each box once we were at our new home.  When surrounded by a sea of boxes in our kitchen, it was so nice to not have to open every single box in order to find one particular item.  We were able to simply slip the label out of the plastic sleeve...flip it around and know exactly what was inside. We felt as though our unpacking stage of the move went so much smoother than prior moves where we did not have Stick 'n Stash.  Our movers were very pleased with the product as well and commented on how much easier it was to look at the label rather than find where someone may have written in marker on the box.
     Stick 'n Stash is an exceptional product for anyone who wants to become more organized, less stressed, and have more time to spend on more important things than rummaging through boxes trying to find something .  We highly recommend this product to anyone who is thinking about moving...or simply wants to become less cluttered and more organized!

- Stacy, Pennsylvania

Stash Mob is a refillable reusable label organizing system.  Every Stash Mob Stick 'n Stash Kit contains self-adhesive vinyl pockets and cards.  Stick the pockets on your storage containers or boxes, list container contents on the back of the cards, insert cards in the pockets and never wonder where something is stored again!

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